Serving Suggestions, 2019

inkjet prints on PVC, unique S-hooks, meat hooks
photo: Felix Rapp

Something You Cannot See, Smell, Touch or Taste, 2019

acid etched stainless steel tray, plaster, polyester, plastic bar table
photo: Felix Rapp

Dynamic Compositions, 2018

Installation shot

Dynamic Composition in Pink Lemonade, 2018, inkjet print on canvas, resin, 40x30 cm

Dynamic Composition in Cool Blue, 2018, inkjet print on canvas, resin, 60x40cm

Dynamic Composition in Yellow-Lime, 2018, inkjet print on canvas, resin, 80x60 cm

Work Where It Hurts, 2018

To Dream In A White Room, 2018, car window shades, rubber door stop, ceramic

Left: Pad Pad, 2018, gel mousepad, ceramic
Right: Clear, Flexible, Colored or Cut, 2018, found ink stain, found ceramic, gelatin sheets

Nature's Finest, 2018, inflatable pillow, cement, sports drink cap, pinecones

Mega Value-Maxi Budget, 2018, polythene foam, ceramics

Meaning and Motivation, 2018, rubber band, sports drink cap, ceramics

Installation shot
photo: Emile Rubino

Let Me Tell You They're All So Sad, video-installation, 2017

photo: Dennis Ha